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Wild Thoughts: Llechwedd - a brand-new festival of Wild Running, Performance and Discussion!

Wild Thoughts Festival is an exciting new weekend-long celebration of all things running and culture, and how the two compliment each other in many different ways.

Wild Thoughts' foundational belief is that these feed each other; enjoying the wilderness deepens our appreciation of the creative arts, while arts & culture deepen our perceptions when we're in the wild. The diverse selection of guest speakers will feature heavily from the locally-sourced: this event will be entirely bilingual in English and Welsh. We are excited to work with artists and runners from Wales and England. 

Spread across the weekend of October the 15th to the 17th, Wild Thoughts will present a feast of incredible running routes, a programme of music, theatre, poetry (and more) and many events across the site featuring high-profile guest speakers.

Each ticket is valid for the whole weekend of Wild Thoughts, you will be welcome to come and go throughout.

Early bird tickets go on sale on Friday 1st January for two months. Choose from:

Standard Entry - entry to the festival ONLY for the full three days.

£250.00 (save £50.00)


Locals Entry (proof of LL postcode required) - a discounted rate for LL residents, for the full three days.

£150.00 (save £50.00)


Entry + Bed & Breakfast (two per room) - includes two night stay, and entry to the festival for the whole weekend.

£395.00 (save £55.00)


Entry + Glamping (four per tent) - includes two night stay, and entry to the festival for the whole weekend.

£295.00 (save £55.00)


For more information on Wild Thoughts Festival, visit wildthoughtsfestival.net

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