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A stunning off-road adventure to points of Llechwedd quarry over 1,500 feet above sea level!

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Grab hold and join us on a journey to the top of Llechwedd's man-made mountains in an action packed ex-military truck ride: through an extreme landscape some 1400 feet above sea level.

Voted the number one tourist attraction on TripAdvisor, the Quarry Explorer is an off road adventure that will take you to the summit of some of Llechwedd’s man-made slate mountains. 

Starting out at Llechwedd and quickly ascending to some of the more historic mines on the site, you’ll drive up high to the top of the quarry and look into some of the massive craters made by blasting the tops off our hundred-year-old caverns. On your travels, you'll witness old quarry mills and cutting sheds of huge cultural and historical importance and view the industrial landscape in close up detail.

On your journey, you’ll learn more about how this amazing landscape was formed from your experienced local guide, and why it is now the subject of a UNESCO World Heritage Status bid as part of the slate landscape of North West Wales.

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