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If you have a problem. Do not hesitate to call us.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a formal

agreement between us and our Customer (this being the person(s) who uses our
products and/or services). We and our Customer(s) accept and agree to be
legally bound by these Terms & Conditions. A credit or debit card
guarantee, full or part payment and acceptance of such by us for you to use our
products and/or services signifies an understanding and acceptance of these

Terms & Conditions.


Advance reservations and/or ticket purchase is recommended to
prevent disappointment. Such reservations can be made through this website. You
can book up to 10 hours before the tour you wish to take.


Your credit or debit card details will be requested to purchase
your ticket(s). If booking online,
your credit or debit card details will be requested to complete your purchase
and a “print-at-home” ticket
will be generated. Full payment, as itemised, shall be debited and your account
statement will identify the transaction as “DataSpace / WebTicketManager”. This is
our 3rd party payment clearing provider who operate our secure, PCI
compliant online booking system and can be contacted directly at: Wincham
Business Park, Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6GB. UK. Tel: +44(0)161
956 2300. ( www.webticketmanager.com

If booking by any means other than online, your credit or debit card details
may be requested to complete and/or guarantee your reservation. Payment, as
detailed, shall be debited accordingly and your account statement will identify
the transaction as “Bolesworth Estates”.

If booking through an approved representative, payment will be taken in
accordance with their own terms and conditions of ticket sales. Your
reservation is duly guaranteed by the issuing of a payment receipt or tour

Where payment has not been completed, we may, at their discretion,
provisionally reserve your ticket(s) but reserve the right to re-allocate them
should another client request and secure them by payment. In this case, you
shall be duly notified and given the chance to complete your payment.

by the Customer

We regret that our cancellation
policy does not permit the cancellation of ticket(s). Your
statutory rights are not affected.

by Us

Where we cancel, for whatever reason, and an alternative cannot be
offered or taken, a refund in full (if applicable) shall be made within ten (10) working days of
such a cancellation being confirmed.

Compensation will not be payable and no liability will be taken where we are
forced to cancel as a result of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond
our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all
due care. No compensation will be payable if we cancel as a result of your
failure to comply with these terms. No additional compensation, consequential
losses, additional travelling costs or other such claim shall be accepted in
such an unfortunate event.



Wherever possible, a booking amendment shall be
accommodated without charge or penalty if requested fourteen (14) days or more prior
to the event date. An administration charge of 10% of the net booking value shall be
payable for all amendments made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the
event date if such an amendment is possible.


an amendment cannot be made and the original booking cannot be fulfilled, then
the Cancellation Policy
detailed above shall be applicable. 



Prices quoted shall be current at the time of booking, acceptance
and acknowledgment. The price agreed shall not be subject to any change unless
forced due to circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances shall
include civil riot, region or National emergency, war, route closure, severe
weather conditions, etc. Where such a price amendment is necessary, you will be
notified in writing no less than twenty-eight (28) days prior to your event date. Should
a price amendment be unacceptable, the booking may be cancelled in accordance
with our Cancellation
Policy above but without penalty or administration charge if
confirmed as cancelled fourteen (14)
days or more prior to the event date.

Price Inclusions

Your ticket price shall include goods and/or services as indicated,
statutory insurance, VAT, all taxes and anything specifically mentioned as


Your ticket price shall exclude personal insurance, snacks, lunch,
beverages, optional activities, gratuities and any other items not specifically
mentioned as being included.

Concession Requirements

As a general rule, bookings will be accepted at face value at the
time of booking. However, at our discretion, proof of any concession
entitlement claimed may be requested at any time during fulfilment of the
booking. Such proof shall include any legal document that contains a
recognisable photograph and date of birth. Failure to produce such evidence
upon request may result in the concession being withdrawn and payment being
requested amounting to the difference between what has already been paid and
the full published price. 

Attractions, Highlights & 3rd Parties

Attractions, highlights and 3rd parties experienced
during fulfilment may have specific reservation rules, payment procedures,
health & safety rules and terms & conditions which shall be applicable
in full in conjunction with these terms & conditions.

As in any product and service of this type, you are entirely responsible at all
times for your own safety and for that of others. Going off any unmarked
pathways, through closed gates, barriers or otherwise is done so entirely at
your own risk and no responsibility can, or shall, be taken in such an
instance. If in doubt, please ask.


Children under the age of fourteen (14) shall be accompanied by an adult at
all times. Full responsibility for children remains with the accompanying
adult, including general behavioural control so as not to disturb the others.

Special Needs

Please contact us to discuss specifically your needs if you are
disabled or a special need client requiring a wheelchair or other such mobility
assistance and/or special assistance. It is our intention to operate
access-for-all and we will make every effort to accommodate special needs
accordingly. We reserve the right to require persons who are unable to move
independently to be accompanied by a companion who is able to provide any
necessary assistance and take full responsibility accordingly. 


For the comfort and safety of all, alcohol, & tobacco is strictly prohibited
at all times other than in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages can only be
purchased on-site and not brought through the ticket entrances in either
direction. Non-prescribed drugs are strictly prohibited and we operate a zero-tolerance policy
that will involve the police without hesitation. 


We operate within UK laws that include compulsory and statutory
insurance against accident and third party liability. Personal insurance
against injury, item theft, loss, or any other such event is not included and
it is highly recommended that you take out your own Travel Insurance in good
standard travel procedures.

Overall Enjoyment

We will not accept responsibility for your overall enjoyment.
Whilst every effort will be made to maximise your pleasure and experience, it
is accepted that every person's preference and tastes are unique and it would
be impossible to satisfy all of our customers all of the time. However, we
recognise that our own success is dependent on word of mouth referral and prioritises
customer satisfaction accordingly.


In so far as our duties extend in providing a professional, safe
and fit-for-purpose product, we, our staff and our agents shall not be liable
for any injury, loss, expense, damage, accident, delay, irregularity, stranded
individual, personal negligence, weather, quarantines, sickness, disease, act
of God, Government restriction, legal regulation or otherwise which are
adjudged to be out of our control.

We, our staff and our agents shall not be liable for any injury, loss, expense,
damage, accident, delay, irregularity, stranded individual, personal
negligence, weather, quarantines, sickness, disease, act of God, Government
restriction, legal regulation or otherwise for any individual or company
furnishing sub-contract services, transportation, attractions, accommodation or
any other product or service in connection with a our goods and/or supplies.

It is clearly stated, understood and agreed that, to the fullest extent to
which liability may be excluded or avoided, We will have no liability, whether
in contract or otherwise, for any losses, costs or damages, and in no event
will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive,
expectancy or consequential damages, even if they are foreseen or foreseeable,
arising or resulting from, or related to, our services and products.

In all cases, the maximum liability payable shall not exceed the total fee
collected for the provision of the goods and/or services provided.


We provide our service strictly on an “as is” basis without
warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited
to, the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Your UK statutory
rights are unaffected by our Warranty terms.

We are not responsible for, provide no representations to, warranties or
guarantees with respect to, and will not be held liable in any way for any
content, information, services or material on any third party supplier,
including, without limitation, any third party recommended, named or utilised
by us.

It is clearly stated, understood and agreed that, to the fullest extent to
which warranty may be excluded or avoided, the maximum warranty payable shall
not exceed the fee collected for the provision of the goods and/or services


without notice, which is considered necessary prior to the event.
circumstances necessitate, offering substitutes of equal value or a full
refund without administration charge or penalty as detailed under our Cancellation clause
above. If circumstances warrant such action a full and documented reason
shall be provided.

  • The right is reserved to make operational changes at any

    time, whether to the goods, services, itinerary or otherwise, with or

  • The

    right is reserved to cancel any booking at any time, should conditions or 

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